Raw Material: Billet, Solid Bar, Hollow Bar                                                                   We select high quality raw material for                                                                producing the whole range of products

Gravity Casting Mold produced by
Hi-performance VMC machine

                                                                          Gravity Casting Process                                                            Finished Faucet Body

Products:      Year 2007


CODE:           BF-120

(Single Lever Basin Mixer with pop-up set)



Producing faucet body by Hi-performance CNC Machines


Process by Forging.
Guarantee no-defected form pinhole and cracked, Forging Process , and Broken

Mold for forging process and product samples

Completed built-in single lever
bath/shower mixer with diverter

                                                                     Polishing process by Rotary Machine                                                                 Preparing faucet body

                                                                    Automatic plating line for plating process                                              Finished faucet body after plating

                                                                                                        Assembly lines                                                            Finished products/Product package